Tips for Sewing Soft Toys for Kids and Relatives

If designing and sewing soft toys your passion, then you are at the right place. A soft toy is always a precious gift to give to any child as it opens up a new world of imagination for them. Sewing soft toys are a very creative and fun activity. Many people can learn this and get involved in embellishing these soft toys. The smile you bring on to the kid’s face after giving him the soft toy will make your day.

Here are some tips to look after while sewing soft toys:

  • Use proper fabrics:

One can use a variety of fabrics while making a soft toy. You can even mix and match fabrics and materials according to your imagination. You can use different materials to make a soft toy. One can use materials like velvet, pompoms, leather and faux fur, and many more depending on your creativity. Designs and colors make the toy more attractive and keep the children engaged. It is advisable to use good quality fabrics and materials. The best sewing machine is singer 1408.

  • Stitch properly:

There are two ways to stitch or sew the soft toy. You can either use a machine or sew with the hand. Always make sure that you sew properly and leave no space. It is advisable to keep a check that the stitches are strong and can withstand rough usage. To make sure, you can triple-stitch the toy. Always buy a good quality machine with this facility. Invest your time to sew properly with care.

  • Take care of the grain:

If you are just a beginner at sewing, you can always start sewing a soft toy. There are only a few things to take care of while stitching a soft toy. You must always pay attention to the fabric’s grainline as most of the fabrics have a warp, the fibers that run up and down, and a weft, the fibers that run side to side. Take care that the fabric you use is strongest along the warp and have the stretch along the weft. If you don’t pay attention to the grains while sewing the soft toy, it may stretch out of shape and become distorted.

  • Research the face:

Every soft toy should have a proper face and cute eyes as it is often the first thing a kid will notice. You must research the facial features of your soft toy and make the one that appeals to you the most. You can also place two pieces of cloths or pins to fix the location of the eyes. You can also try some of the faces by drawing them and pinning them to the soft toy and then choose the one that you like the most. Always invest most of your time in the face, as your soft toy will become cuter if you design a proper face.

  • Stuffing:

There are varieties of stuffing options available for the soft toy. You can choose from polyester, cotton, bamboo, and wool. Always take care to stuff properly to make sure that the toy does not go out of shape after some time. Check for the backside to avoid the air bubbles as it may become difficult to fill later on. You can use polyester as it is light weighted and easily washed.


There are hundreds of designs and patterns available online for making soft toys. Follow the tips mentioned above to make sure that you sew properly. These simple tips will help you to make an adorable soft toy that your kids and relatives will surely adore.


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