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Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Announced as Devotay Spokespeople




Iowa City, IA – Twitter sensation and star of stage and screen Ashton Kutcher announced today that he and his fiancee, fellow star Mila Kunis, have signed on as promotional spokespeople for Devotay Restaurant.  This comes on the heels of the announcement by Darden Restaurants CEO Eugene Lee that the restaurant giant – famous for its Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse properties, among others – has acquired the small Iowa-based independent restaurant, with plans to franchise units nationwide.

“I go home to Iowa all the time,” Kutcher, a Hawkeye-state native, said in a press conference, adding, “Mila and I always go to Devotay because no one recognizes us there.”

The popular couple has committed to a 2-year ad campaign, called “Devotees of Devotay.”  It is being handled by Madison Avenue marketing powerhouse Sterling-Cooper.  Burt Cooper, their chairman, said “It has long been our hope that we could work with Mr. & Mrs. Kutcher on an ad campaign.”

“Devotay is a Spanish-themed restaurant, and she looks vaguely Spanish,” Cooper added of the Ukrainian-born Kunis.

Announced with great fanfare at a press conference in front of the Iowa City restaurant, Darden’s acquisition of Devotay was a surprise to most industry watchers.  “I had never heard of them.” Mr. Lee admitted, “except a couple of times people told me their Wednesday night spaghetti deal was better than anything Olive Garden had ever offered, so I looked into it.”

Lee was concerned about the competition, so he made an offer on the spot.  Longtime Devotay owner and “Chef Emeritus” Kurt Michael Friese, reached through a spokesperson for comment from his new home on the Italian Riviera, stated, “Yeah, I sold out.  So sue me.  Oh wait, you can’t, I’m in Italy.  Ciao.”

Darden’s aggressive rollout plans 100 units nationwide by this date next year.