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5 Best Free Typing Software Online in 2020

Typing has been a skills which has been continuing from the early age, where not everybody but a professional typist used to type the documents and messaged to this modern age where all do typing on their smartphone, computers, and laptops for all kinds of works like ending emails or sending messages on social media, etc.

Typing is an essential part of most of the occupations and professions today, like the content writer, journalist, advocates, and many more. Knowing how to type is not the only factor that a person requires but also the accuracy and the speed with which one type a particular text also matters. Practicing typing helps a person in getting comfortable with his/her work, helps in saving a lot of time, and also makes a person be able to finish his/her work before the given deadline or in a specific time-frame. There are a lot of coaching centers and software which teach Typing to people and also charge a lot of fees from them.

You want to learn fast and accurate typing but are not willing to pay vast amounts of money to the typing classes and applications?

Luckily, there are many free applications to help a person to increase his efficiency in typing that is equivalent and even better to most of the available paid typing software, which demands a considerable amount.

Typing Master

Screenshot image of TypingMaster Software

Typing Master begins with a unique feature called ‘Satellite learning.’ This feature is very beneficial for learning speed and accurate typing .this is a fundamental typing learning software with no premium features.

‘Satellite learning feature,’ This is a unique feature of Typing Master. These features enable the user to improve their speed and accuracy, even when they are not using the app. This is the best feature if you are not getting leisure time for practicing. It also helps in seeing your weak areas, gets suggestions, and set goals to improve them. Typing Master occasionally conducts tests to let the user see his/her progress and their typing skills. With each test, this typing software also gives you many suggestions to aid you in improving your weakest points.

Typing Master is a useful tool for professionals or individuals who like to keep things simple. With no extra peculiarities possible, you will only be focusing on building your speed and skill with plenty of practical training modules.


  • Try its user-friendly and customizable web-based wpm testing tool to achieve all your business recruitment wants.
  • Play free typing games to learn keyboard handling.
  • Use Typing Test Pro to find a solution to assess the word entry skills for you. You can also view the final reports of the tests.


  • The software’s operating is low and outdated.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

screenshot image of Keyblaze Typing Tutor

It is a simple typing software suitable for learners at all levels and those who want to improve their accuracy and speed.

Using the software is very easy. A supreme feature of KeyBlaze is that you can set specific goals for yourself and then complete exercises and games until you have achieved the planned objectives.

The software also detects and records the words that cause you trouble and suggest additional exercises to solve the problem and help you overcome them. It also includes individual lessons that target the dictation and transcription skills, which is a unique feature not covered by various other typing software in this free category. Different experiences put different emphasis on the use of special keys, capitalization, numbers, and grammar.

KeyBlaze has a very personalized theme to make the experience similar to that of a tuition class. This typing tutor is well programmed, and you will not find it challenging to fulfill your own pre planned goals.


  • It comes with an integrated touchpad and management, which can be sourced out correctly for you. This tool tests your typing skills and conducts intensive practice exercises, which include poems and prose, etc.


  • The software has an easy user interface suitable for adults. However, kids looking forward to improving their touch-typing skills will find this software less attractive.

Typing Trainer


Typing Trainer is a free typing tool for learning and mastering the skill and technique of typing. When you first use this application, it includes a short course in typing, which is less than one hour. After that, it analyses your typing speed and gives you suggestions and also offers various lessons for learning and practicing typing. This software is another version of free typing software that helps in understanding and adapt the skills for typing very quickly. This free software serves as the cause and aid you to learn every technique required for a fast and accurate typing. As soon as this typing software starts working, a crash course on typing is provided to the user, which is conducted for less than an hour. This course’s purpose is to calculate your rate of typing and provide a lot of advice and also different programs that teach you to learn more and accurate processes for typing.


  • An on-screen keyboard that makes the learning finger movements an easy and intuitive process
  • Monotonous warm-up to keep your fingers ready for a new movement
  • Varied word and text paragraphs


  • Could have included more effective testing modules.

Max type pro


It is again another Typing application that upgrades the technique of typing in the learner by its multi-functional typing software and programming. Even the rhythm of typing or the speed and its accuracy is increased by the use of this software. The level of typing is upgraded from beginner to advanced, on the usage of this easy to use the software, within a concise duration of time. The two most essential characteristics of this powerful software are weekly reports and the practical session, which happens from time to time.


  • Max Type Pro helps to learn to type with six different modes
  • It provides statistics for each hand to caution the user about the mistype and the points which the user needs to improve.
  • Includes excerpts, which allows you to type lyrics of your favorite songs and programming codes
  • Also, you can take any typing test which can consist of any virtual component


  • The installation and opening of this software is a bit complex.

Rapid Typing Tutor


The rapid typing tutor is free typing software based on learning the skills and techniques of typing speedily and accurately. Various practice segments and games are provided that increase the user’s ability to typing, and also the speed of typing rises with every level. It’s easy to use feature makes it suitable for the children as well to learn from this powerful software. Various simulated and customized keyboards, generated by the software, are also being utilized in this application. It is even available in a lot of languages like Spanish, Russian, German, French, Dutch, English, etc.


  • Rapid Typing Tutor has a practical keyboard with different highlights so that one can learn how to place his/her fingers on the keyboard. The software includes all great keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc.
  • The software displays hand movements over the keyboard to ease out your typing lessons. These hands tell you about which finger is to be used if you want to press a specific key. Even students can use this software to grow good at typing.
  • What’s more about this, the software uses simplified system resources so that you don’t face any crashes or fails while running this application.


  • It may take yourself a while to become friendly to different keyboard layouts and this application.

These were the top 5 free typing software that one can install and will be very beneficial for improving one’s typing skills and show excellent results in a few practice sessions.…

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