Best Bluetooth Headphones in India

Parrot – Zik 3

Parrot is an international brand dealing with modern devices and musical instruments. They are a studio range brand and deals with high-quality appliances.

Parrot Zik3 is an affordable range of best Bluetooth headphones from under 1000 the parrot. It has a premium design with a unique circular pattern team going around it. The system is one of the headphones’ main highlights because it stands out, and you won’t find any other headphones or brand manufacturing this kind of design.

It is a lightweight headphone and comes with premium-grade material, such as high-quality leather on the top and stainless steel on the panel. It is designed in France and follows a minimalist theme. It also comes with a balanced sound signature, which means you can play games with it without any hassle. Parrot supports 40mm dynamic drivers, which means that it is a high range Bluetooth device.

Parrot also supports an active noise cancellation system, which is helpful if you are on the streets or working in a busy office. The device also comes with a 1-year warranty and can be purchased through various online portals in India. It also comes with a range of 10 meters and can easily control any task within the field. Parrot also supports gesture control and can be used for various other purposes as well.

They are overall looking at the price, which is 25000 INR. It is a decent device, which comes with 40mm dynamic drivers, one of the biggest attractions of this device.

Marshall 3 BT

Marshal 3 is a wireless Bluetooth device that comes with 40mm drivers. Marshal 3 is a premium range of headphones from the brand marshal, and they come with tangled wire. The twisted wire is one of the most highlighted points about this device because it has one of the most extended wire cable support.

The device also runs on Bluetooth, making it a wireless Bluetooth headset with Bluetooth APTX support. It also comes with an impedance of 32 ohms and a frequency of 20-kilo hearts. The device also supports a Bluetooth range of 10 meters, which is enough, and it also comes with a battery life of 30 hours. It also comes with wired connectivity with a support 3.5 mm jack.

It comes with the on-ear fitting feature, making it one of the most comfortable headsets out there. It also supports a fully functional foldable feature, which helps you pack it in your bag. Marshall 3 also comes with a 30-hour long battery life, which can be charged within 4 hours. The charging speed of marshals is not up to the mark as compared to others on the list, but marshal is a powerful device. It also comes with a foldable super-compact design.

The device has high-quality material, such as leather on the front panel and high-quality polycarbonate on the other. The device’s clarity is one of the most highlighted points, but it might lose some battery life points.

Overall it is an excellent product under the price tag of 9000 INR. The design is also one of the most highlighted points about this headphone because it follows a Marshall hatchback design, their favorite old school design.

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