11 Things To Do in Singapore

Singapore is an island country located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Besides the world’s second wealthy country, it is incredibly safe and clean. It is the most superior in the air quality, has tons of things to see and eat. People are very generous here with no ulterior motive to harm others. One need not worry about their belongings when in Singapore. Being a wealthy country, private transport is costly, but one needs not worry about the fares because it has the cheapest and cleanest public transport.

Public transport is very efficient, economical and easily accessible.

There are few apps which you should download as your tour guide in Singapore. A city mapper helps you to easily access public transport. SG Bus LEH is another app that aids in guiding about how many people traversing on the bus, destination of the bus, and at what time it will reach the bus stop.

Singapore is filled with every religion and culture. It has Arabic District, China Town, and Little India. One can experience the liveliest nightlife and go crazy with the light shows. When in Singapore, Dream Cruise should be on everyone’s bucket list. This country provides fun and entertainment for every aged people. You can come here with family, friends, and loved ones or even with your grandparents.

Here’s a list of things one can do with family or friends.

Enjoy the vibrant flowers in the Botanical Garden

Singapore is the cleanest and the purified city, and one can experience the real beauty of fauna in the Botanical Gardens. These gardens attract both residents and worldwide visitors. It has various species of fauna and wonders of nature that have global significance. They are so beautiful and peaceful that one can hear the sound of crickets even in the day. They are 150 years old and a must-visit place in Singapore. The ticket price is just around 500, which worth a 2-3 hours exploration of these gardens.

Marina bay sands

The Marina Bay sands hotel is one of the iconic buildings in the Asian continent and home to the most renowned and infinity pool in the world. To visit the pool, one must be the guest of the hotel. However, one can experience the incredible views of the hotel from the sky part observation deck or one of the 57th-floor restaurants. It is a five-star luxury hotel with fantastic dining and shopping ventures inside the hotel. The price for one day at the hotel is around S$1600 per night.

Experience the fantastic and breathtaking sunset at Marina Bay Sands.


When with family and kids, one should never miss the immense pleasure of Sentosa island. It has Universal Studios, Aquarium, water park, bungee jumping, and many more things that are great for kids in general. It’s a small island in Singapore that consists of all artificial spots made entirely to attract visitors. It’s a must-visit place that will provide you with entertainment and fun for the whole day. There are 100 things to do on this island.

Universal studios have alone a lot to offer. It consists of themed rides, roller coaster ride, Hollywood sets that show live movie scenes, and whatnot. There is no best place in Singapore as universal studios, especially for kids and family. Sentosa island has a lot of human-made beaches where one can get their tanning bodies and relax with a good book.

Sentosa island is a spot for every individual, from sporty to thrill seeker or from lively to soothing person.

Night Safari Zoo

One must have seen the zoo in their native country in daylight hours, but Singapore gives you an opportunity for a night safari in the aquarium. It takes you on a tram ride through which you can see numerous animals, but the cost of tram ride is not included in the zoo ticket. However, foot travelers can spot more animals than those traveling by tram. It is a resident to 2500 animals of 130 species. Friendly animals will be seen as roaming freely while giant and fiercer ones are kept in bars. It is a worth visit for early sleepers.

Dream Cruise

Visiting Singapore without staying on the cruise would be a complete waste. It offers one of the most beautiful experiences of luxury and hospitality in the world. It is the first cruise of south-east Asia. The journey consists of everything from a mini water park to a party club, from mini-golf area to the gym and whatnot. If you have the cash to dash, you can also live in a spacious penthouse.

The water park has five huge slides if you are an adventure seeker go for it. It also has a water play area for kids. If you are daring enough, you do zip lining side of the ship for a pretty awesome thrill. Be prepared for some fantastic acrobatics and entertaining performances at the Zodiac theatre. It also has a bar where you can enjoy live performances. You can sit back and have world-class massages at the spa Center. It offers a wide variety of cuisines from different countries. They have kid activities where your kid can enjoy various fun activities.

Religious centers

Singapore has been found as one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world. People following Buddhism are in the majority, followed by Christianity, Islam, and Hindu. It has many beautiful temples, cathedrals, and mosques. One of the most fascinating and holy places in Singapore is Buddhist Tooth Relic Temple. It consists of Buddhist artifacts and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.

The other famous religious place is Sultan Masjid, which has a symbol of the country’s multiracial and multi-religious past since the 19th century. The iconic design combined traditional Indian, European, and Islamic elements. Both rich and poor Muslims contributed to the construction of this mosque.

Changi Airport

Airports are never fun and always stressful without the Changi Airport in Singapore. It has everything you need, and you don’t need it. A gigantic five-story playground, a museum, a movie theatre, a million restaurants, a barber, and an outdoor sunflower garden. Other than shopping, it has everything from a swimming pool to the fish pond and, most importantly, sleeping spaces. The airport usually sucks, but people in Singapore turned a stressful place into a Disneyland. This airport has grabbed the title of the best airport in the world for seven consecutive years. You should have some free 3-4 hours to explore this airport. In April 2019, Changi opened a Jewel inside the airport. It is a massive doughnut-shaped building that took four years to make the glass and steel dome that makes up the Jewel. It stands ten stories high. A cascading fumble of waterfalls from the middle of the Jewel building.

China Town

China Town is undoubtedly in the top 10 things to do in Singapore, but once you get here, what would you do? You don’t think of China Town as an attraction that wants to go and visit for a couple of hours because China town is a place of almost ten different attractions within itself. It has the oldest Hindu temple of Singapore i.e., Sri Mariyumma temple. One cannot come to China town without shopping. You can obtain a lot of traditional things from there at cheap rates. You can relax with a fish foot massage and eat in a variety of Chinese restaurants.

Little India

Just like China town depicting Chinese culture, Singapore has Little India depicting Indian culture. An Indian cannot resist itself from visiting this place. The beautiful old building lining the streets contribute to the colorful atmosphere of Little India. You will see the typical Indian mini-stores. One can buy Indian fashion and jewelry for the whole family. One can also enjoy delicious spicy Indian food.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a giant wheel where you have a great and beautiful view of Singapore. It is about 42 floors high and 150 meters in diameter. It is Asia’s largest giant observation wheel. It has 28 capsules in total and holds 28 people in each capsule. You should visit it in the evening so that you can see the bright lights of the significant buildings. Guests can also enjoy special privacy dinners of complete four courses with Premium sky dining Flight. You can take your loved ones to enjoy romantic dinners at such a great height.

National Museum of Singapore

No journey is finished without a visit to the museum of the country. Well, Singapore has a lot of museums, but the national museum is the oldest and most significant museum in Singapore. The museum focuses on evidence related to the account of Singapore. It has a 2800 meter Singapore History Gallery which uses an audio tour device as a companion to guide visitors around the gallery.

No doubt that Singapore is an expensive country, but it is worth what it offers a standard of living. There is no corruption, and the crime rate is so low. Singapore’s passport is the second powerful passport in the world. It is a developed country with 5.5 million population. Not only this, it is well known for its trash dumping technique where they burn the trash every day, and the smoke is used for generating energy.

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